Testimonials about steponz

"I have two Norwich Terriers that I use the Steponz to groom and stack.  They are easy to transport to shows and the price is right !!"

~ Sue

"Steponz are awesome grooming tools! I am an all breed dog groomer and I use my steponz almost daily. They keep the dog in position without scaring them. They have been such a time saver as well as a great training tool for the show dogs. I would definatly recommend this product for anyone working with a dog on a grooming or exam table."

~ Lynette

"Here is my PRT on your blocks. I like them for her. My breeder ordered the small size after I told her about the large size I ordered.  I will probably order the small size when I have a litter to train. My setter arrives in 2 weeks, I can't wait to try the large size with him. Thank you!"

~ Tricia

"Steponz are working just great. He's understanding the concept  of letting me place his feet and he'll actually stand still now!  He's just 4 1/2 months old, so I don't ask him to stand for very long but it has really helped having the Steponz!"

~ Amy

"My friend Debbie just placed an order from you for Steponz mine are working great already thank you!"

~ Joyce

Here’s a more affordable alternative to Happy Legs - http://www.steponz.com. I have a fairly robust male and it’s easier to get him on them (and keep him on them) since they are more stable. Nick definitely likes them better than Happy Legs.

We are satisfied customers!

~ Vonda Winkler, WinFaire Welsh Corgis, Yorktown, VA
MACH Tucker VCD2,RN,HT,OAP,AJP,PHC,VCX, CGC,TDI 8/3/96-5/21/07
Will CD,RE,NA,NAJ,MXP,MJP,CGC,TDI 1/21/01-11/3/09
Chase HT,NA,NAJ 6/3/04 - 11/7/07
CH U-CH Paige
Nick - Hum'nbird Savoir Faire - newest and youngest family member!
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