Herbie's Story

I have owned West Highland White Terriers since 1977. In 2006 with both of my children attending college, I decided to look for a "Westie" with show potential. Marcella Lee of Lochimar's Kennels, sold us "Herbie" in March of 2006. I then started my dog showing career. Having never shown a dog before. I started attending many confirmation classes. I learned a lot of the basics of showing a dog,but no grooming techniques.

After learning some basic stripping techniques,I started to show "Herbie". At a show I was trying to make his legs shaped like a column. Craig and I discussed that we need to make small stands, to keep his legs steady as I groomed them,Craig then said "Maybe I could come up with something". He tried different sizes and shapes until he came up with three different offset sizes, that worked for different size dogs. That's when Steponz was created.

They really work at keeping Herbie "stable on the table". I really don't know what I would do without them. It really has made my grooming go quicker and look more professionial.

-Pat Reiman
Herbie's Story
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